The Drifter Hotel

Tulane Avenue, part of US 61, was once known as the Miracle Mile. In the 1950s, it was the main artery connecting downtown New Orleans to the airport and Baton Rouge. Business was good on Tulane Avenue catering to travelers. As it is evident even today, motels were an integral part of Tulane Ave. When the interstate was built a couple of decades later, the miracle mile ceased to be miraculous. It was no longer the fastest and efficient way to reach the west. The Miracle Mile became the forgotten mile. As motel owners and other business owners struggled to survive they were no longer able to afford upkeep on their properties. The motel product was downgraded, prices deflated, and before long the corridor became a hub for prostitution, pimps, and drug dealers.

Now we are experiencing a Tulane Avenue renaissance. Our city is pouring $4.8 million into the avenue including the construction of new bike lines. Considering the economic opportunity on Tulane Ave, and the success with short term rentals that my properties near Tulane Avenue has experienced, my partners and I recently finished the renovation of what can only be called a "No Tell Motel". With the hotel development and branding experience that Sandstone Development brings, the local knowledge of Kupperman Companies, and CSM's expertise in management, we are confident in our ability to reposition this asset into a boutique hotel like no other. This project included both state and federal historic tax credits. Equity investors are local friends, family, and acquaintances that believe in the vision and bourgeoning corridor. Our grassroots development contrasts with the seasoned experience the developers bring, much like the brand will contrast the  artistic and design-minded renovation, while staying true to the basic, sharp, and clean needs of a traveler.  

The Drifter Hotel includes twenty midcentury modern rooms, a pool, and a bar and coffee shop in the lobby. The pool and bar are open to visitors and we would love to see you. We are open every day of the week. Our lobby includes art by Scott Sturgill and Alex Kilburn. Each of our rooms host a Butch Anthony piece. You can learn more about the finished product and book a room here.