More than just a Company.


CSM Investments is more than just a company – it's a family. Literally. 





Born and raised in New Orleans (and therefore a HUGE Saints Fan), Alex is a proud graduate from Benjamin Franklin High School. Alex received his bachelor degree in business administration from Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. Upon graduating he moved to Washington D.C where aside from having a blast, he worked as a leasing consultant and property management for Equity Residential, a Real Estate Investment Trust and S&P 500 company focused on the acquisition, development and management of high-quality apartment properties. After a one-year stint in software sales working for the Meltwater Group, Alex returned home to New Orleans determined to find his niche in real estate.

During his real estate appraiser apprenticeship, Alex decided to take a job offer as a project manager for the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority where he was tasked with implementing and executing strategies for the disposition and development of properties purchased by the State through the Louisiana Land Trust after Hurricane Katrina. Alex worked closely with neighborhood associations and developers to meet each area’s needs for optimizing the strategy of putting these properties back. 

In 2012, Alex finally took the plunge and ventured out on his own. Over the past 3 years, Alex has been purchasing and renovating blighted properties in lower Mid-City. He then leases and manages these assets with a focus on a long term gain. To date, Alex has an interest and manages approximately 50 rental units as well as a handful of short term rentals. Alex now holds a real estate license to buy/sell and a residential contractor's license.  

Nowadays, Alex spends his days servicing his clients as well as looking for the next big opportunity. Whether its a flip, a long-term hold, or a development project in the residential or hospitality sector, Alex is always looking for the right project and partners. Alex and his wife, Meagan, gave birth to their first child in August of 2015. 



Carlos + Stella

Carlos and Stella are none other than Alex's parents who have joined CSM after working for a combined 60 years in the hospitality industry. In fact, they met in the early 80s working at the Marriott Hotel in food and beverage, and room service respectively. Through hard work and dedication, Carlos + Stella have also acquired quite a bit of real estate rentals in the West Bank of New Orleans and therefore also possess a lifetime of experience in property management. Carlos currently serves as the Maintenance Manager, and Stella serves as the Assistant Property Manager for CSM Property Management, LLC.  


Sarah's story epitomizes what CSM is about: collaboration! Sarah's story with CSM begins with her as a tenant of the company. Sarah and Alex met when Sarah was having an issue with loitering and trespassing on the 20,000 sq. ft. lot next door. Next thing you know CSM Investments is purchasing said lot with Sarah as a partner. As she dabbled more in real estate, the more she became passionate about it. One year later, Sarah is the Manager of Operations for CSM. 

In 2012, Sarah graduated from Bryan College in Chattanooga, TN with a bachelor's degree in corporate communications. Immediately upon graduating from Bryan, Sarah founded Sarah Becker Photography, specializing in historic home and plantation weddings. 

Sarah now divides her time between shooting weddings, managing CSM, reading lots of books, exploring New Orleans, and hanging out with her husband and two dachshunds.